Mike Begent CV


Mike Begent CV

My experience includes a range of project sectors, large healthcare and science buildings at STW, small bespoke projects including tetra-shed, as well as larger housing schemes at RPA, and most recently my own house renovation and extension, and a collection of bespoke agricultural buildings. 

Open minded, supportive and empathetic, I have enjoyed successfully working in teams and coordinated with external consultants to manage and deliver client expectations, and have found that an atmosphere of collaboration is key in this respect. 

I have good practical and analytical skills, am observant, and imaginative. I have a passion for exploring materials, old and new processes of making and integrating this knowledge into my designs. This approach has been developed from my varied range of professional work including a good deal of construction detailing, plus hands on building experience in both innovative (3D printing / CNC cutting) and traditional (green oak framing) construction methods. 

I believe architecture should make a sustainable response to social, economic and cultural context teamed with robust environmental design, with the aim of creating responsible, site specific, enjoyable architecture. 

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Architect, Scott Tallon Walker Architect

London | August 2013 - August 2016 Having qualified as an Architect in January 2015 I delivered the Pirbright Laboratory in Surrey, I was project architect on a healthcare fit out project for UCLH and worked on delivering stage E information for an innovative large new hospital on Tottenham Court Road for UCLH.

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I spent 7 months working at a green oak framing company in south Devon, learning carpentry framing skills, and working on a range of jobs:

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The tetra-shed project is a modular building system with each module taking the form of a truncated tetrahedron.